Ends engine running hot problem using new engine transmission & radiator product

Overheating is the number one engine and transmission killer.

These products from Mega Power ends those conditions causing engine running hot problems.

Three conditions block the flow of engine and transmission heat transfer to the outside air. They are:

  1. Coolant sludge acting as a blanket blocking, or limiting heat transfer in the coolant to the outside air.
  2. The fan clutch or electric fans are not turning on for some reason.
  3. The combine heat load of the motor and transmission is excessive due to internal friction and residue buildup, and convection is beyound the radiator coolants heat transfer rate.
  4. Overheating causes are usually a coolant loss problem and require discovery-of-cause by special test mechanics do. Yes, the mechanic will check for the first 3 points, too.

New products to correct the heat-rise problem in your radiator

Mega Power Products, you can install yourself, will lower engine and transmission, and radiator temperatures to normal, ending the excessive rise in temperature.

3 new products from Mega Power are help car and equipment owners end engine running hot problems by using new chemistry in the motor, transmission, and radiator. This method quickly restores a lower, normal engine coolant, and motor oil, and transmission fluid temperature range of under 212 degrees - instead of over 300 degrees.

It is true that radiator cooling systems run at 250 degrees, under 7 to 15 pounds radiator cap controlled pressure - and is considered normal.

We are taking about long waits at red lights, going up long grades, and pulling a load like a trailer, as conditions pushing the temperature up to near the boiling over point.

A very unconventional means to protect your cars that works

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