Pour-it-in and stop the leak! 
Coolant leaks
Motor oil leaks
Transmission leaks
Steering system leaks

All non-clogging. Great Protection.

Stop leak products that do not clog, or have particles in them - for a better stop leak - Ends all kinds of leaks in any car pickup diesel truck tractor boat motorcycle machinery.Stop leak products that do not clog, or have particles in them - for a better stop leak - Ends all kinds of leaks in any car pickup diesel truck tractor boat motorcycle machinery.
Mega Power Brand Engine Stop Leak. Transmission Stop Leak. Radiator Stop Leak. Power Steering Stop Leak.Mega Power Brand Engine Stop Leak. Transmission Stop Leak. Radiator Stop Leak. Power Steering Stop Leak.

  Stop Leak for every part of your car.

Product Review: Why These Are Better!

    Mega Power invented stop leaks that have no fibers, particles, or solvents - like ever other brands use. Fibers, and particles often block passage ways - causing new  problems. 
    Instead, Mega Power's patented stop leaks provide a desirable controlled expansion of seals and gaskets that closes leak gaps ending the leak. Or works like blood - is liquid, and coagculates in the leak sealing the hole.
    Mega Power also neutralizes the acids - the cause of leaks. Ending the cause for you, also. For those reasons Mega Power Stop Leak Products seal seals better, leaky gaskets, and o-rings, better. 
    [Not all brands of stop leak are safe for your car like Mega Power's.].

There is a stop Leak for your vehicles 6 components.

  1. Radiator coolant leaks
  2. Engine oil leaks
  3. Transmission fluid leaks
  4. Power steering fluid leaks
  5. Air conditioner leaks
  6. Hydraulic power take off system leaks

Mega Power stop leak products, unlike all other brands have wear and tear problem solvers. One more advantages to help promote longer, trouble-free car life. These feature slam the breaks on future damage and expensive repairs.

Packaged for easy usage. Includes...

  1. A pre-cleaner and system flush removes causes of leaks.
  2. Adds stop leak. A seal expanding feature ends fluid escape.
  3. Plus anti-wear protection. This stops a secondary wear problem, along with the stop leak benefit.
    Shipped to your door by FedEx in a few days time. 
    For faster delivery call our order desk at 1 512 665 3388

Those are reasons why you should consider our Mega Power Stop-Leak Treatment - Its offers protection with its stop leak features.

    Each product is sold to do as advertised - or your money refunded. No refunds asked for; last 267 days.

Engine oil stop leak.

 Needed inside the motor to end seal, gasket leaks?

Ordering info

Mega Power Engine Stop Leak. Includes 6 items needed. Easy to follow directions. Phone help if needed. guarantee. Ship to your door in 3 days. Just $85 + $14 s&h =$99 total.

Engine Head Gasket, Manifold Stop Leak.

 Needed inside the coolant to end leaks through seals, holes, head-gasket leaks.

Ordering info

Mega Power Head Gasket Stop Leak. Includes 4 items needed. Easy to follow directions. Phone help if needed. Guarantee. Ship to your door in 3 days. Just $85 + $14 s&h =$99 total.

Stop Leak Bumper-to-bumper  

Transmission Stop Leak

Mega Power Transmission Stop Leak Treatment
#TS3 3 items kit.

  • Stops leaks.

  • Stops rough shift, slippage.

  • Reduces wear. Lowers high temperature.

  • Neutralizes acids. 
  • The ideal service to protect your good vehicles with.

Those values are important to your transmission's good health.

    Mega Power revitalizes seals, shaft o-rings, and gaskets with a "controlled expansion" to end leaks in 2 days.

    Improves shifting smoothness, extends transmission life.

    "Neutralizes acids. Acids harden and shrink seals, along with heat and wear to cause leaks.

Power Steering Stop Leak

Mega Power Power Steering Fluid Stop Leak #PS2

1. End leaks fast by controlled expansion.

2. Stops whine 3. Modifies friction.

Why Important to your entire steering system.

    * Stops whines by stopping air infiltration pass weak seals. Stop fluid leaks at pump seal and steering ram, too! *Revitalizes seals, shaft o-rings, and gaskets with a controlled expansion to stop leaks in a few days. * Ends roughness felt when turning steering wheel right and left. * Reduces friction to slam the brakes on wear. Cool. * Helps avoid expensive system replacement. * Kit includes a 12oz 5 minute system cleaner and conditioner. And 62oz system flush, anti-wear rinse, and replacement system fluid.

    Price $50+ $15 s&h= $65 total. 4 pack $175+ $15 s&h=$190 total.

More than a oil stop leak product

Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment Engine

    Why Important to your motors good health

    A true, no-shortcut, "stop-leak-treatment" that also "tunes up," cleans up, and protects all 6 areas of the motor system - from gas tank to exhaust tip, and all in between.

    Will restore your motors former power and performance in minutes!

    Never had a customer ask for a refund! That is amazing product value. Quite a bit different from everything else!

    A 6 item product "kit" with 3 products for the top motor side, and 3 for the bottom oil side - which is the only way found to corrects a variety of engine power and performance problems, caused by wear, age, mileage - besides ending leaks.

    This product restores the near-like-new function and performance of any older, worn, but sound running motor - including the stopping of oil burning and smelly exhaust smoke. Also...

    Restores compression and full vacuum, quiets noisy, and tapping valves. Amazingly restore zip, performance, and fuel economy. Puts off overhaul repair need - often for years. Price $60+ $15 s&h= $75 total. 6 kits, $300+ $15 s&h= $315 total. Save More - Specials

Order By phone - if you have questions about a leak, or need selection help.

Call me, George Christ at 512 665 3388 Shipped by FedEx

Continued: Review; Stop-leak-products

More product links listed at end of article. Including Radiator. Heater. A/C compressor. Seals/gaskets/cracks - and their reviews.

Engine, transmission, radiator leak remedies that have performance improving advantages - promoting years longer dependability

did you know...

    Leaks are a big problem!

    So, we listed all the Mega Power Products for them, for you.

    We are so confident of their promise to work - as advertised, we backed-up each sale of their product with a full refund privilege. A No-risk trial of 90 days given, to boot!

    One more advantage is the products ability to clean sticky piston rings - thereby lowering crank case blow-by pressure, from 6 to 15 lbs, down to 2 or so. This even works well to end leaks on newer diesel engines that leak.

    Diesels have high crank case blow-by pressures anyhow, and against a weak seal, forces more oil to leak pass seals. Mega Power reduces the blow-by problem, ending that cause of leaks..

    Review: 5 Mega Power Brand Stop-Leak-Products

    Mega Power does not use solvents for stopping leaks. They use a seal conditioner. The conditioner actually benefits the component its added to, in several ways - solvent based stop leaks cannot.

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    Here's the list of ingredients in MP Engine Stop leak:

  • Prevents leaks. Stops Leaks! 
  • Has Cleaners, 4 of them to remove acid making seal hard. 
  • + 2 stop leaks to revitalize the rubbery seal - giving it a slight expansion, to end your drip problem.
  • Includes Mega Power Metal Conditioner - To smooth the rough metal surface to cause leaks - ending that cause for you.
  • Adds an acid neutralizer - to stop the cause of seal shrinking.
  • Seal Revitalizer. To stop and prevent leaks - of course. A patented ingredient.
  • Even stops valve seal leaks - to reduce oil burning.
  • Frees sticky rings - This stops combustion leaks pass the piston - a leak cause.
  • Stop oil being suck up pass the piston - where it burns and goes out the exhaust.
  • Returns a powerful drip free motor operation at lo-cost.

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