New! The Mega Power Engine
Oil Change Treatment

Ends wear, performance, leak, power loss, and other new car and older, worn car problems fast.

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Review: Mega Power Engine Treatment.

    A new, simple to use product. 100% effective.

    Easily installed at oil change. Restore performance by ending oil burning, oil leaks, rough idle, stalling, and valve tap.

    Mega Power uses engine heat and a few miles of driving to chemically clean, free, smooth, coat & protect an engine- new or older.

    This product ends common wear and performance problems like, tap, rough idle, surge, engine dies at idle, smelly exhaust, lousy mileage. Doing so minutes after product introduction into the motor.

    By ending your motor's problems caused by whatever, you release power that use to be absorbed. Most people say: "It feels like a tune up!"

So fast, so effective, it comes with a money back guarantee - If not the answer to your problem! Please note: No refunds asked for last 267 days. I your mileage is over 100,000 miles, read this.

For motors - under 1oo,ooo miles continue reading.

Compared, to what the best oil cannot provide you, this Treatment, Containing MP#15, MP#95, MP#98:

  1. Extends oil change intervals from 3000 to 6000 mile intervals

  2. Does so by cleaning and removing sticky, wear-increasing residues left behind during past oil changes. That is one factor that keeps extends your oil change interval to 6000 miles.

  3. This is another. It includes the strongest cleaner made for cleaning the fuel system, from gas tank to fuel injector and the combustion area. Cleans fuel injectors in about 15 minutes of driving. By cleaning the combustion area piston rings and valves - oil contamination is reduced up to 50%.

  4. For more protection: Includes MC+ Anti-wear Friction Modifiers. Two 100% effective, friction wear and power-loss reducing advantages.
Review: My own experience on over a dozen cars and trucks using this treatment as explained above.

    A complete oil change, anti-wear treatment, using 3 products, pays for itself by: Doubling oils life by cleaning out left-over residues.

    By its anti-wear. That friction reducer often extends 20 to 40 more miles distance to each fill ups. You might as well use it! It pays for itself in fuel savings.

    It may pay "you," by adding years more great performance to the car its added too!

    Its secret? Restores the power taken away by friction and wear - then slams the breaks on both of them!

    Simple, fast, 110% effective. Pays for itself - in a way, it pays you!

Simple Installation Directions:

  • Add the Mega Power Oil System Cleaner #15 to the dirty oil.
  • Run motor 5 minutes. Drain and replace oil and filter.
  • Also add the Fuel System Cleaner #98 to the fuel tank also.
  • After the dirty oil and filter is replaced. Check for filter leaks. Then...
  • Add MP Engine Treatment #95 to the new oil.
  • Enjoy "like-new performance," previously stolen by friction drag and sticky valves and rings. Now released by Mega Power.
  • Oil test show this kit can double oil life and oil change intervals.
  • To order this engine protector, call our order desk at
    1-512 665 3388 Visa M/C Shipped Fedex or USPS

    Tell them you want the 15-95-98 Mega Power Treatment

    Cost for one car treatment $35+ $15s&h= $50 total.

    Cost for two car treatments $60+ $15s&h= $75 total.

    Cost for six car treatments $150+ $25s&h= $175 total.
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