Test-letter, How to write, ideas, message

Test-letter, How to write, ideas, message



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Help for Home Page Edit Your SiteBuilder Home Page

Use the tools below to make text adjustments to the Page Information (Page Title, Keywords, Description, Headline) and Body Copy for your home page.

You can also add or delete options such as a footer, a pop-under page and/or inclusion in your RSS/Blog It! feed (if applicable).

Help for Page Information Page Information
Help for Page Title Page Title
Help for Keywords Keywords
Help for Description Description

Help for Headline Headline
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Help for Home Page Body Copy Page Text
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Help for RSS/Blog It!

Do you want to pop a page UNDER the home page as it loads? If so, please select which page should pop under the home page, from this drop-down menu of pages:

input name="SUB2" value="Preview It!" onclick="previewForm(this.form);" type="submit">  

input name="SUB" value="Analyze It!" onclick="analyzeForm(this.form);" type="submit">  


input name="SUB" value="Build It!" onclick="return saveForm('Build It!');" type="submit">  

input name="SUB" value="Priority Build It!" onclick="return saveForm('Priority Build It!');" type="submit">

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