Small engine oil addatives.

A new breed of research is developing problem-solving small engine oil addatives. Mega Power fits First Place, in small engine problem-solving, problem preventing small engine protection.

New uses for anti-wear chemical ingredients from Mega Power offer both small engine owners, car, fleet and equipment owners, and mechanics new multi-tasking, problem-solving and problem-preventing product advantages.


These same products also result in the end of several common problem-causing, power-losing wear and tear conditions small motor owners experience - and provides long term beneifts to small motor owners; a restoring of a seemingly lost power boost - almost as good as an overhaul.

Research has known negatives that common store-bought small engine oil additives have negatives you would want to avoid. that is because additives like those hiighly advertised, and sold in big box and part stores, contained wear-increasing solvents, oils with useless Teflon type particles, or light-oils that had only a minor sludge desolving tendencies, and problem-causing oil thickeners, or had ingredient & claims, the Government said to be outright frauds.

What's works in Mega Power's additives - are combinations of ingredients I call "treatments." Mega Power ends tapping, oil burning, blowby, compression loss, power loss, and such in cars and heavy equipment - in small engines, ending their performance decline, and restoring their like-near-new power again.

Yes, Mega Power performance problem solving, works equally well as the strongest, fastest acting, full strength, small engine oil additives you can use to end the likes of the above problems.

Mega Power's MC+ anti-wear ingredients - commonly called friction modifiers, have proven to be among the few ingredients invented to control and stop not just friction, but also metal migration. The fusion of two surfaces from friction where a metal weld by the strongest surface rips away the weakest surface.

Many mechanics see metal migration as the transfer of metal to a crank or shaft surface, deformation on piston skirts, scruffiness on valve stems and gear surfaces, and such, but do not understand the extremly harmful metal-transfer significance caused by friction - so are seldom the experts to call on for an overhaul remedy.

Repairs and overhauls by such mechanics never last as long as they should! Lacking a knowledge of metal migration causes, they never make use of Mega Power MC+ metal conditioners.

Nor do customers have help to gain more productive power output, that last over a much greater amount of years when Mega Power is not installed. Auto tune up and repair is helping to spread that knowledge.

Those mechanics that learn about small engine oil additives made by Mega Power seem to have a consistent clientele whose word of mouth keeps them in business profitably over many years. Customers know the difference once they are introduced to those with Mega Power expertise.

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More Mega Power Product Benefits

Metal migration is your motors fastest, most destructive type of friction - and to your engine and transmission. It occurs normally in small areas under full load conditions such as at beginning of gear shifts that exert to get you moving , straining where you can't pickup spped going up hills loaded, when engine and transmississions and differential are under full exertion and producing excessively hot, or overheated conditions.

If left to its own, acids, combustion blowby, and friction speed up wear out of your equipment motors and transmission by 50% - taking away years of good usage away form you.

A $500 to $3000 engine and transmission overhaul is the usual remedy.

Maga Power, by comparison gets those years back and gets you motor and gears to operate as if always near new-like in perfomance by nutralizing acids, healing acid and friction abrasion, and increasing power output. By cleaning and freeing sticky piston rings and valves and thereby ending excessive blowby, compression loss, and less than full horsepower development - you will have a revitalized motor - and transmission - if you Mega Power both for under $200.

Metal migration is a negative wear condition Mega Power stops and then prevents - by a form of surface healing that again allows a like-new spin, push, pull, and slide condition to reappear.

Mega Power is a method of care where the product is simply added in small amounts to the fuels, coolants, oils, and oil fluids. Improvement occurs in minutes - last with occasional small touch-up amounts at fluid and oil changes. Sent to your door by Fedex in 3 days with simple to follow directions, phone help if needed, and money back guarantee.

Contact and ordering info

To have a question answered, or to order Mega Power small engine oil additives, packaged as a problem-solving, or problem-preventing treatment, for your particular need, call or email me.

A Mega Power Small Engine Oil Additive Treatment includes 6 items. Price is $65 plus $15s&h= $80 total. Each treatment will treat 2 small motors 3 quart oil capacity each, or any car or truck motor.

2 Mega Power Small Engine Oil Additive Treatments for 2 motors, includes 12 items. Price is $115+$15s&h= $130 total. Save $30.

6 Mega Power Small Engine Oil Additive Treatments for 6 motors, includes 36 items. Price is $240+$15s&h= $255 total. Save $150. Resell or fleet usage. Mechanics Labor $25 per application.

For stick shift transmissions - any type fluid To one gallon of fluid add 1- 12oz Mega Power Transmission Oil Conditioner. $15 plus $5s&h= $20 total. Gallon $$40+$10s&h=$50 total. 6= $200 total.

6 - 12oz Mega Power Transmission Oil Conditioners. $12ec plus $5s&h= $77 total. Same price for MP ATF or Hydraulic Conditioners.

1 -12oz Mega Power Gas or Diesel Fuel Conditioner.

Treats 12 gallons fuel to clean carburetors or injectors. Add monthly to each fillup to keep motor starting, running and idling with low low emissions and keeps combustion areas and rings and valves lubed and clean. Great fuel storage conditioners - neutralizes acids and removes water from bottom of tank. Keeps fuel frest 6 months.

Price for one 12 oz $15 plus $5s&h= $20 total. 6pak $12 each plus $5s&h= $77 total.

Gallon $40+$10s&h=$50 total. 6= $200 total. Save $100.

512 665 3388 anytime till midnite.


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