Mega Power ends rough engine idle problems caused by mis-fire, dirty injectors, sticky valves.

Rough engine idle cure contact info: On a smart phone, to ask a question, order items listed, call at 512 6655 3388

Engine problems can be worrisome. This will end these causes of worry for you.

Here's a rough engine idle cure product from Mega Power for cleaning dirty valves and spark plugs - if your car has that problem.

  • Also may end stalling, power loss, and code mis-fire due to dirty injectors, dirty valves and spark plugs . Simple add to the fuel tank and oil and air intake to do so quickly.  Works with direct injection cleaning tools, also.
  • The  remedy idea is to install into the engine by fuel, motor oil and air intake  the powerful cleaners, conditioners, anti-wear, friction modifiers, and co-polymers needed to restore clean smooth engine function.
  • While a professional product, I've made its install simple and effective, so any man or women can gain professional engine smooth idling results for their car, too!
  • As you can see from the picture, this product covers over $1000 worth of dealer engine services for under $100. It's what ends rough idle due to a dirty valves and other items.

´╗┐Rough engine idle cleaning and for tuning good engines every 12,000 miles to prevent running and performance problems.

  • It use to be, a mechanic would replace spark plugs and send  you on your way with a rough idle problem. It it worked - great!
  • If not, he set your up for  top of motor valve job to clean up the problem ares deep in your motor. Cost runs to $3500 
  • Dirty pistons, valves, spark plugs, fuel injectors, and the idling circuit, are power loss, and rough idle caused problems the mechanic cleaned up or replaced with new to correct the problem.  Our method may do more for less!
  • Of the several problem areas where idle and other wear problems begin - anyone can now for under $100 - instead of $2000, install this tune up treatment from Mega power to clean and restore their engine chemically, to end idle problems, the new easy way.

Rough engine idle.  Our method does so for under $100. You save doing the easy, simple install yourself! 

What you should know about rough engine idle.

Basically, the problem begins as a residue, then a sticking problem. See before cleaning and after cleaning pictures above. Cost from a dealer or shop can run to $1500 to correct this problem. Of course, they are checking engine codes for you to see what other problem there may be. Our method does the entire 100,000 miles engine service for under $100 for the needed items. You save doing the easy, simple install yourself! 

    That rough idle comes from two sources.

    1. Residue layers itself as a sooty, soft crust of carbon - on pistons, valves, spark plugs, fuel injectors, and the idling circuit - where fuel air and exhaust go, to cause your problem. See pictures.
    2. Motor oil also breaks down into residues. The stickiest stays behind during an oil change. Over time, they add to the oil side of the rough engine idle problem.
    3. Both top and bottom of motor need cleaning, as you can see. The Mega Power Engine Treatment  contains 3 items for cleaning for the top rough idle side cleaning. And 3 items for bottom, oil side cleaning. Friction reducers are also included in our rough idle treatment.This is how to end your engine problem.

    Order this Mega Power Rough Idle Treatment now!  End your worry by it! In a few days, it will be sent to you by FedEx with easy to follow directions, phone help if needed, a guarantee.  

    Price: Just $80 for the 6 items needed [ a $250 value retail]. Plus $20 shipping and handling.  Just $100 total! To order one or more treatments click the cart button.

Order 2 engine treatments and service your good car to keep it going strong and clean. 12 items needed. Just $135 plus $20 s&h=total $155. Save $45.

The inside problem of rough engine idle and the only way to end it.

    In time, combustion heat burns away the soft carbon, leaving behind a crust. A idle causing problem maker.

    A new product ends those problems, quickly restores a quiet running smoothness - ending the problem.

    Each of your pistons, valves, spark plugs, fuel injectors, and the idling circuit alone, or with another gummed-up engine member will cause rough idle, stalling, valve tap, and faster wear out rates of wear in the following ways.

    Spark misfires means the gas did not burn so a wet film of gas washes the lube oil away - to cause rough idle, piston blow-by.

    Dirty injector "nozzle tips" destroy the fogging action of the injector. This means a wet fuel supply - instead of a fog-like fuel supply occurs. Gives same nasty misfire/wear-out problem listed above.

    Stalling occurs when the idle adjusting circuit is plugged up and the computer cannot make a counter speed adjustment - stalling occurs.

    Sticky valves tend to close slower than normal.

    When the piston is on the up stroke and the valves are still closing the fuel is pushed out.

    This results in a weak combustion cycle and the motor will shake - giving a rough idle feeling.

    Learn how easy, quickly, and inexpensively it is to end all the causes of rough engine idle. Save your motor, and your budget, too.

How Mega Power ends the rough engine idle cure..