Easy engine sludge removal product works fast. Gets your motor running great in as little as 15 minutes! 

Engine sludge removal Contact info: Please note: If on a smart phone, have a question, want to order this product, call me at  512 665 3388...  Online ordering below. george

A great sludge removal treatment from Mega PowerA great sludge removal treatment from Mega Power

Engine sludge removal Contact info: On a smartphone, to ask a question, order this product, call me...george at 512 665 3388... 

When you least expect it, your car engine bogs down. 

A problem that turns your car, transportation world - and budget worries into a tizzy. "Your mechanic says your engine is full of sludge! It cost more to take it apart than a new one." 

There are alternatives to replacement.

Of them all, well, we like this one from Mega Power as the best and easiest way to remedy this engine problem. A good way to remove sludge and lower your budget hit significantly.  Some say - in less than 15 minutes!

This cleaning treatment - from Mega Power, see above picture, and directions below, will end your engine - and transmission sludge problems for that matter, painlessly and faster. It owes its success to  ingredients that work on cleaning critical, but dirty moving parts - rather than a complete removal.

Mega Power works on even brand new cars pickups, especially diesel motors, like large trucks tractors, even boat motors and motorcycles in daily use, and from storage.

The fact is this: Sludge is forming in your motor, transmission, radiator and power steering from the day you drive your car off the dealership lot - brand new!

Sludge will most likely be the silent cause of both your engine and transmission failure.  Acidic conditions from oils and combustion start the residue making problem.

Sludge, cooked with high temperatures cause sticky piston rings and valves.  High amounts of raw friction results. Blowby also occurs.

You can read about that on this "blowby" site - after you order the product below.

What mechanic's say...

"I never seen engine sludge removal by tear-down cleaning that did you any good," says mechanic, George Christ

That's because the sludge causes problems in a hundred places in the form of varnish and wear roughen conditions all over the motor!

Just removing sludge by hand does not free rings and valves, nor remove horsepower absorbing friction it causes through out your motor and transmission.

Even those part store flush products sold as engine and transmission flush - mostly made of solvents, do little good -  and have too many horror story's about those solvent type flush products locking up engines. 

What works is a complex engine sludge removal product from Mega Power with- no-harmful-flush solvents! its a 6 item treatment, easy for any man or women to install that produces immediate cleaning results and running improvement!

Order below. Be up and running great in a few days.

While everybody's idea is to remove the muck covering every engine part, Mega Power's idea is to use a special kind of cleaning chemistry and complex conditioners that:

  • Removed varnish between moving parts.
  • Opens oil passageways to bring fresh oil to starved engine parts sludge blocked off. Especially free and clean piston rings, valves, and valve lifers affected by sludge.
  • Mega Power's MC+ included, smooths wear roughen surfaces ending your motors [and transmission if installed in it] raw frictions on critical parts harming your engine.
  • Then add a slippery co-polymer to fill worn spaces like on pistons and cylinder walls where blowby now escapes to sludge up your clean oil.
  • Your motor and your budget needs this form of car. In the short and long run of things Mega Power benefits you and your car both ways. Order it now!

Complex engine sludge removal product is easy to install. Gets car back up running great, quickly. Avoids costly repair to do so.

Our Mega Power method for engine sludge removal is quite different.

Mega Power leaves most of the sludge where its at mostly. It's just sitting there doing nothing anyway. Removing en mass can cause oil delivery blockage elsewhere. Removing it slowly over time like Mega Power does, well its cleaners and condition heal your ailing motor is the safest, fastest way to return your engine to its great running state again.  

Us mechanics take apart your engine to hand remove sludge, Then rebuild it. Cost can run over $2000 and a weeks time in the shop.

Mega Power cost about $250 if a mechanic sell the service. If you do it, it runs under $100 and is guaranteed to please! Order below and have in a few days and in your motor getting it back to normal again. It's easy to install. Nothing to take apart. 

Engine sludge removal continues as you drive between oil changes packing your filter with sludge removed.

Order the Mega Power Engine Sludge Removal Treatment here.

To Order:  Mega Power comes as shown, 6 items needed. With easy to follow directions, phone help, guarantee of satisfaction. Shipped by FedEx to your door in 3 days. Just $80 plus $15 s&h = $95 total.

Order Mega Power to protect both cars. 12 items. Just $149 total shipped to your door or business. Save $40 during our special!

Protect and service your engine $95 and transmissions $75 too, with Mega Power. A 9 item treatment. Smooth's and assures smooth shifting as it slams the brakes on faster wear out - for years longer trouble-free life. Just $135 for each car. Save $35.

Directions: 2 steps:

  • Step 1. Add the 3 items marked, to the gas and oil.
  • Drive as usual for a week.
  • Step 2. At an oil change a week later, install the 3 remaining items to the oil. That's it!

Mega Power's 6 different complex anti-wear chemical cleaners have a way to get your engine sludge removal going, as it lubes your dry, now oil-starved dirty surfaces.

Mega Power  takes away the grinding loud noise  that makes  your motor sound like your grandma's sewing machine and gets you on down the road of life again - at a fraction of the cost of overhaul.

Mega Power leave the muck mostly where its at and proceeds to work on the following to get your  car truck tractor motorcycle running good as can be again:

  • Mega Power cleans the oil lines so oil flows again.
  • Mega Power crawls where oil can go from the fuel air and oiling side of your motor! Power returns as spreads.
  • As it cleans, every surface is conditioned with MC+. This restores smoothness to rubbing surfaces on valves and pistons and provides chemical lubrication to every other part for free movement of your engine again. 
  • Your car needs that help! Next.. Mega Power...
  • Removes sludge from your engine oil pump check valve so full oil pressures is restored.
  • Hydraulic lifters are cleaned, freed and primed, raising their valve adjuster. This is what will be quieting down your noisy tapping sounds.
  • Piston rings are cleaned so they expand and stop blowby -  a major cause of sludge - and power loss - which will return.

Cleaning continues as you drive between oil changes, packing your filter with more sludge is removed - after the initial cleaning. Order Mega Power now!

In that way, Mega Power does what flush products cannot!

Order Mega Power's Engine Sludge Removal Treatment Now!

To Order: Mega Power comes as shown, 6 items needed. With easy to follow directions, phone help, guarantee of satisfaction. Shipped by FedEx to your door in 3 days.

Order Mega Power to protect both cars. 12 items. Just $149 total shipped to your door or business. Save $40 during our special!

Protect and service your engine$95 and transmission $75, too, with Mega Power. A 9 item treatment. Cleans, smooth's and assures smooth shifting and great running engine service as it slams the brakes on sludge and wear out - for years longer trouble-free life. Just $135 for each car. Save $35.