Diesel fuel additive test: Diesel Lubricity Additives Test: Review Fuel additives for your truck from Mega Power

SouthWest Reasearch Labrotory Lubricity Additive Results.pdf http://www.natbiogroup.com/docs/education/lubricity%20additive%20study%20results.pdf Mega Power Diesel Lubricity Additives

Diesel Fuel Additives for Large Trucks

Diesel fuel additive test: Best Diesel Lubricity Additives Test: Review Fuel additives for your truck from Mega Power

Pictures: Mega Power Fuel Conditioner and Oil and Gear Treatment.

The Oil and Gear Treatment conditions the oil and gear lube to increase film breakdown under extreme loads very effectively, thereby reducing metal-to-metal contact and friction drag.

Gives oil a slippery condition. Adds a film over worn surfaces to for easier cranking, reduced blow-by; in gears box and differentials, stops gear growl, and hard shifts - even under fridget weather conditions. More diesel fuel additive test...

Mega Power also includes natural acid neutralizing agents, and MC+, a friction modifier, that changes rough worn piston, bearing, cam, valve, lifter, and gear surfaces to shinny smooth. This surface improvement to your motor and gears slows wear to a crawl - doubling the time for the remaining wear out process to finalize - for years more great service.

Easy to install: Results like climbing hills a gear higher is commonly reported. End black exhaust smoke. Cleans dirty injectors. Is a fuel lubricity agent.

Directions: Takes a gallon for large capacity oil amounts. A gallon for the gear box and differential. Keeps motor oil clean twice as long - by limiting blow-by. Prices, ordering, contact info, below.

Diesel Fuel, Diesel Oil Treatments

Mega Power Diesel Fuel Additive ends black exhaust at idle, and under fuel load pulling through the gears. Add to the fuel at a ratio of

    Add 2oz per gallon fuel the first time - Quart to 25 gallons to stop black smoke. After that one quart to 50 gallons fuel every fourth fill up.

    In cold weather - as an anti-gel, Add 1 quart to each 50 gallons fuel. Mega Power Equipmment  Truck Diesel Additives

    Details and advantages....

    Makes moisture burnable. Will not let it freeze in the fuel system. Kills and prevents fungus and algae growth instantly. Removes carbon blow-by film, and combustion deposits in the idle system, plenum,combustion area, and cleans and frees sticky noisy valves. Good for brand new and older cars trucks RV's, equipment.

    For smoother, quieter motor operation. Diesel fuel additive test from Mega Power acts as an anti-wear. Keeps fuel from going stale over long periods. Acts a a fuel pump, and cylinder wall lube.

    Will clean dirty filters and injectors in minutes. Stop black smoke in older trucks, too!

Ordering details

    Mega Power Oil Treatment Conditioner
    Mega Power Diesel Fuel Contioner/Cleaner

    $60 gallon shipped Fedex to your door in 3-4 days.

    Save $100...
    Order a six pak -mix or match, $200 plus $15 s&h= total $215
    6 pak bonus...
    With each 6 pak gallons, receive a $12, can of Mega Power Penetrating Spray, Free! 1001 uses. You will wonder how you ever did with out Mega Power! For your cars and equipment. Around your shop! Frees anything stuck, frozen, rusted, that squeaks, or needs lube, fast.

    Have a question, To order, call me at 512 665 3388 ...george

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