Why just clean your motors dirty fuel injectors when you can also friction modify your motor with anti-wear – for the same price

Cleaning injectors ends one of 4 problems, but leaves behind wear-increasing, power eating negatives. Ending all 4 restores about 20 horsepower your other motor problems deter or consume.

You will think your car is supercharged. Your cars will stay that way for many more years of great service.

It's easy - my way. I'll show you how.

Our Fuel Injector Cleaner

    Does more than clean dirty fuel injectors.

    Besides cleaning your motors dirty injectors, the brand we favor - Mega Power, improves motor breathing, cleans your oiling system and sticky rings and valves. This makes for smoother motor running and restores maximun power.

    Picturs showing fuel injectors and other motor parts Mega Power cleans and friction modifies to restore smooth power

    Besides cleaning the areas shown in the picture, Mega Power also uses MC+. They are two more engine protecting anti-wears:

    1. One is a unique friction modifier. This ingredient heals and smooths your motor's wear-roughen pistons, bearings, valves, and gears - a friction reducing and wear reducing advantage.
    2. The other fills your motors worn-away surfaces by layering a special slippery co-polymer - completing the power restoring advantages.

This combination of Mega Power Products shown and their special advantages is the big differeance between Mega Power and all other fuel injector cleaner brands.

    Another big difference are types of ingredients. Other brands use solvents and thickeners in their additives. We use anti-wear chemicals that are water thin -like todays oils for today's cars. There is a big difference.

    Dirty fuel injector cleaner treatment from Mega Power

    Mega Power is what will end your dirty fuel injector problem. Mega Power ends smelly exhaust and the removes accumalted sticky emission residues, that increase friction and smelly exhaust. Mega Power reduces friction and then relayers worn-away motor part surfaces for long term protection.

Most customers tells us

    "In just minutes after we installed you super injector cleaner product and road tested it, the motor started running as good and quiet and powerful - as if was new, just like you said! Thanks for introducing us to Mega Power. Soon, we will treat all our vehicles with your product. It pays for itself in a half dozen different ways." MC

With the help of

    The strongest penetrating dirty fuel injector cleaners made, for extra fast cleaning; plus MC+, a friction reducing ingredient, you will have the same results - guaranteed!

    We detail how this product from Mega Power works to ends fuel waste, smelly exhaust, starting, idling, power loss, oil burning, and valve tap problems on our other web pages – [buttons on left] if you want to read how they end those problems.

    And you have my personal by-phone help if my simple instructions seems intimidating. That's what I'm here for, too! I assure you it's easy.

With way less friction,

    Mega Power makes for faster AM starting, snappier valve closing action which stops rough idling. And with smoother surfaces for your motor parts to slide on, more power again will pass to the wheels. Your car - and all your cars, feels zippy and more powerful - like when it was new.

    Those are the reasons that sold me and I think you will be sold - if you give Mega Power a try. It cheaper than getting half that at the car dealer for $200.

Ordering info below...

    One Mega Power Injector/Motor Service 6 items as shown

    $65+ $15s&h= $80 total. Includes easy to follow instructions, phone help iif needed, guarantee. Shipped to your door by Fedex.

    2 Treatments for 2 cars, 12 items. 120 plus $15s&h= $135 total. Save $25.

    6 Treatments for 6 cars 36 items. $240+ $25s&h = $265 total. Save $100

    Call 512 665 3388 any time. Pay by CC M O, check
    Not sold in part stores. george... [Specify if for diesel]

    Directions for cleaning Dirty Fuel Injectors are at bottom of this page. A copy sent with your order

    George Christ. Mega Power Product, Factory Direct Distributor.
    210 Durango Street San Marcos, Texas 78666

Dirty Fuel Injectors, Troubleshooting, Cleaning Tips Below

On this page

    I'll cover cleaning dirty fuel injectors, and friction reducing advantages. How the simple install you do restores your cars great performance minutes after the install. It's easy for anyone to do so. Not just mechanics.

About: dirty fuel injectors

    These finger-size devices - one for each piston, spray gas and diesel fuel into a fog for proper combustion.

    Injectors become dirty 3 ways

    1. Oily ingredients collect in our fuels and drop-out. When they collect inside the injector barrel, they choke down the flow causing a shortage of fuel and is one cause of your rough idle.
    2. A smog recycling tube inside your motor vents combustion fumes that escape pass sticky piston rings and mixes with your oil. This acidic oily stream of fumes is constantly dumped into the same area where your fuel injectors are located. Then burnt to reduce smog - covered elsewhere on our site.

      Those fumes coat layers of goo on the injector tips. When you shut off you motor the temperature in this areas skyrockets to 300 degrees. That cooks those oily fumes such they choke, fouls or limits the injector spray. The injector fuel fog becomes a squirt - and this cause idling and one of the causes of power loss problems. See our picture below.

    3. Not exactly an injector problem - but those dirty fumes coat the air and fuel intake channel, and combustion area. This causes a performance power loss problem. When cooked by the engines heat, this velvety coating acts like a blotter and tends to dump and over-enrich the 16 to one combustion mixture to maybe 20 to one - and makes for sluggish engine performance and a rich, smelly exhaust.

      Our product described on this page instantly ends all the above and other problems on friction and wear described here.

      If your car truck tractor is 4 to 25 years old this product is for you! Order this product today - and enjoy the like new performance you're being robbed of by what is describe here. .. george.

      To have a questioned answered about your problem, or to order this treatment, call me at 1 512 665 3388. I know! I'm probably the only authority on the internet with research expertise offering suggestions that actually work for such vehicle wear and tear problems. I personally guarantee this product as advertised here - or your money back.

    More about your injectors and the right kind of care for them

      When dirty, the spray become less fog-like and wetter. This burns incompletely – causes harder starting, rough idling, power loss, and a smelly exhaust. It often chokes up the exhaust catalytic converter - a power losing negative – that also adds more pollution to our air and water.

      Our Fuel Injector Cleaner treatment ends all that instantly.

    About Friction and Friction Modification

      When new, your cars pistons, bearings, valves, gears and such were clean, shinny smooth, and each part moved, rolled, or slid freely. That’s when your car had the most zip, amazing power, and best fuel economy.

      Now, friction and friction drag are at their highest, power lowest.

      With MC+ added to your motor along with the strongest fuel injector cleaner made, you car will instantly run as if supercharged - as once again friction is diminished and absorbed power is released, to speed you down the highway faster!

      I heard that a thousand times from customers. Since no one ever complained, I decided to guarantee the product so those that doubt the product can see - risk-free, for themselves.

    Customers tell us
      "In just minutes after the product is installed the dirty fuel injectors starts performing good as if new. And our car; 15 years old - runs like it has a bigger motor. No kidding. We thought it was worn out. bc"

      With the help of the strongest dirty fuel injector cleaners ever made along with new, extra cleaning boosters, we end dirty fuel injectors problems fast! MC+, a Mega Power Exclusive Friction Reducing Ingredient you will have the same results - guaranteed! See the Demo, then come for the rest of the details, ordering info, and guarantee.

    Simple directions to install the Mega Power Fuel Injector Cleaning Treatment

      This review introduces a new cleaning and anti-wear treatment from Mega Power. To clean each performance robbing area - and your dirty fuel injectors, too! "Minutes after the install it, it feels like the best tune up you ever got!" NM

    Step One

      To just clean dirty fuel injectors

        You add the red bottle #S, to the gas tank - that's it. That is where all other injector cleaners stop! Not ours!

      To end problems caused by other dirty components in the top of the motor. Also install the yellow bottle #I into a vacuum source; I'll show you where. And...

      Add the black bottle #E to the motors oil.

      Driving does the cleaning fix and makes the product work. It's that easy.

      The 3 items together clean the idle circuits, combustion system, emission system, spark plugs, catalytic converters, and frees sticky rings and valves - ending the problems they cause. What about ending friction in the bottom of your motor to help restore power robbing problems there?

    Step two

      One week later, completes the treatment by installing the remaining 3 products are during an oil change - for the bottom of the motor, like this.

      Add the "F" cleaner to the dirty oil. Run motors for 5 minutes.

      Replace with new oil and filter. Add the two products "5"and "6" to the new oil. Shortly there after, the motor will purr and run as if new again! That how you do it!

    Why 6 different products - instead of one, as is the common method?

    1. The inventor, Bud Esterline, found these 6 products did a complete and thorough job every time. Not a half job. That's why. I'm the tech expert on proper installation.

    2. The common method is to clean dirty injectors. You ignored the other problem causing areas - because nothing was invented to address those dirty areas that wear out your motor faster - except a $2000+ motor overhaul. This treatment puts off the need for it!

    3. With Mega Power, you clean your injectors and also the following areas. Those contributors to cutting years of good usage off your cars life.

      In the fuel tank Mega Power cleans and removes condensation - a contributor to making gas and diesel fuel acidic= bad. A fuel breakdown factor that weakens fuel and causes valve and ring sticking - another power reducing effect this product ends by freeing sticky rings and valves.
    4. No injector cleaner sold except Mega Power removes excess friction, the number 2 cause of power loss, by absorption.

      This restores power to the wheel to help you go faster, with a bit less fuel.
    5. As oil breaks-down, it forms sludge in the motor and blocks oil to

      Your valve lifter - this causes the tap tap tap.

      It causes 2 to 24 valve stems to bind and closes valves slowly, instead of snappy fast as they should. This reduces full combustion power development and slows the speed down. You feed more fuel to the motor to get your speed back up.

      Sludge sticks piston rings, causing more oil to get to the combustion area and burn - making blue exhaust smoke.

      Mega Power quickly and safely removes oil breakdown residues - end the problems they cause - as the injectors are cleaned

    6. Certain emission parts become dirty. makes the exhaust smell, produce smog, kills vegetation. Only Mega Power can clean dirty injectors and the motors emission system; to reduce exhaust pollution to the lowest levels possible.

    Cars and trucks become hi-tech and and so does Mega Power.

      You wouldn't drive a model T to work would you? No! Its the same with today's vehicles. However, today's engineered cars...

      They simply take more a more specialized type cleaning to keep them running great - or they wear out years sooner. Mega Power Fuel Injector Cleaner provides that specialized cleaning and protecting, from top to bottom. It does so in all 6 motor sub-systems.

      Note some of those areas in this picture

    Mega Power Fuel Injector Cleans All This! In 30 minutes or less, you can clean and protect wherever fuel, air, combustion, emissions, oil and exhaust go - the 6 areas. Including:
    • The fuel system
    • Dirty injectors
    • combustion area
    • Idle circuit
    • Air intake
    • Catalytic converter system
    • Piston, and their rings
    • Lifters and valves
    • And the emission system
    • Same time. Same cost.

    Mega Power includes in this 6 pak their exclusive cleaners, friction modifier, and engine revitalizer, called MC+. MC+ Reduces friction drag, and adds a protective anti-wear coating - to add years more strong life to your vehicle(s). Otherwise troubles just continues to grow inside as the miles add up and destroys your motor faster.

    Not just for motors. A similar treatment to service and protect your transmission, steering, and a/c components protect and end problems in those areas as well. Call me about these - or to order this treatment.

    Normally, when you clean Dirty Fuel Injectors, there still is a growing amount of friction that absorbs more and more power. MC+ reduces this friction to the lowest possible level - as an anti-wear advantage. The result is this: The vehicle runs like it has a bigger motor. It can last many years longer as wears slows down. You know you need it! Order Now!

    To order one 6 product pak. $65+ $15s&h= $80 total.
    6 treatments of 6 products each for 6 cars, $240+ $25s&h = $265 total.

    Call 1 512 665 3388 any time. Pay by CC M O, check
    Not sold in part stores. [Specify if for diesel]

    Directions for cleaning Dirty Fuel Injectors are at bottom of this page. A copy sent with your order

    PS: If you read this far, and order the kit, I'll include our famous lube-and-nut-buster spray. MP #120, a $12 product gift, for ordering now. Mention this page.

    George Christ. Mega Power Product, Factory Direct Distributor. 210 Durango Street San Marcos, Texas 78666

    Dirty Fuel Injectors, Troubleshooting, Cleaning tips

    Additional info on.. Dirty Fuel Injectors, Troubleshooting, Cleaning ................................................................
    The following is for tech training -it may interest you. GC

    Causes of performance problems - Mid-fire
    Lean, hot combustion mixtures causes spark plug mis-fires, resulting in a rough idle. Rich, cooler mixtures load the oil up with fuel.

    In a short time this creates sludge, causes valve sticking and tap sounds, and cakes-up the valve heads, and the combustion area - as seen in the picture above. Both lean and rich ratios result in sluggish power development. Both waste fuel and increase the speed of wear-out. The Mega Power Cleaning Method is ideal for cleaning the above. Pull the codes. fix as needed.

    Please note: A mechanic may be necessary to locate the cause of your problem - if you do not have a Dirty Fuel Injectors problem. What we suggest is part of the cleaning procedure he probably don't won't know how to do - if he is not a Mega Power Official Installer. I can help him if he calls me, George at,512 665 3388.

    Here is how carburetors and dirty fuel injectors fuel injectors do their job.

    “Per requirement of engine, the carburetor provides an air-fuel ratio, which must be within combustion range. Engine is cold at the time of starting so, very rich mixture is required. Rich mixture is also required at time of idling and producing maximum power. During the normal running, a comparatively lean mixture can be used.” Internal-Combustion-Engineering
    To see actual quote, click here....

    Carburetors discharge a continuous but greater or lesser
    amount of fuel into the air stream passing through he carburetor
    into the motor, according to demand.

    Fuel injectors work by cycling a foggy burst of fuel into the air stream, with the duration of the spray determined according to demand, controlled by a readout of various sensors, and an algorithm guideline.

    We cover this subject from the point of view of what you can do to get your motor running great again - by cleaning dirty fuel injectors, at 1/3 the price of what the dealer or mechanic will charge you.

    Tip Clean first, then see about repairs, if that need be. Not the other way around.

    Directions for the Mega Power, 6 product, Injector Cleaning Kit

    • Add the [red bottle], Fuel System Cleaner, to your fuel.

    • Add the [yellow bottle], Fuel Injector Cleaner, to your fuel.
    • Add the [black bottle], Emission Cleaner, to you oil.

    • Everything cleans and works as you drive, in about 50 to 100 miles.

    • A week later, at an oil change. Add the [yellow bottle], Oil System Cleaner, to your dirty, old oil.
    • Run motor 5 minutes, then change oil and filter.
    • To the new oil, add the [black bottle], Engine Conditioner, to the full level of oil.

    • This is the friction modifying and heavier cleaning step.

    • Add the [black bottle], Oil Treatment, at 3000 miles. Change oil at 6000 miles.
    • This product adds a co-polymer coating, to heal damage, fill worn-away surface metal areas, for a like-new sounding and running advantage.

    This should treat the engine for one year. Revitalized and clean!

    All the following sub-systems and conditions are also cleaned and re-conditioned as you drive.

    What you accomplished

    You have just cleaned your dirty fuel injectors along with hidden, but common partners in the crime of stealing or cheating your engine of its ideal combustion. You have ended its stealing of the performance designed into your car! You ended its fuel wasting habit. You restored performance, lowered high emissions, put the wear-out pattern on hold. You have helped to add years of like-new-again life to your vehicle.

    Dirty Fuel Injectors, Troubleshooting, Cleaning and New chemistry technology to the rescue.

    Today’s chemistry inventiveness of automotive additive formulator Bud Esterline is in every product from Mega Power. His research talents includes th contents of, Mega Power FISC, and MP Engine Service. The 1st and only combo, Fuel Injector Cleaner and Engine Revitalizer in the market place today!

    Order your Mega Power Fuel Injector Cleaner and Motor Treatment now. To learn more about a real tune up, and fuel injector cleaning
    Dirty fuel injectors: cleaning products

    To order this 6 item, easy to use, fuel injector and engine revitalize, servicing product, Call 512 665 3388 Visa M/C OK Under $60+ $15s&h= $80 total.

    If you read this far, and order the kit, I'll include our famous lube-and-nut-buster spray. MP #120, a $12 product gift, for ordering now. Please mention your free $12 gift to receive it... George Christ.

    I'll FedEx it to your door in about 3 days with simple install directions, guarantee, my phone help, if you need it at installation. To order call me at 1 512 665 3388 ... george

    Dirty Fuel Injectors. Trouble shooting, Cleaning treatment. End
    Dirty Fuel Injectors - as part of a complete tune up